ISVThese are some of the major projects we have developed, implemented, and that are currently operational, all of which were very successful and saw highly satisfied customers, both with regard to our commitment to meeting deadlines and the proposed costs.

  • SAMS institutional website, with a restricted area for users and physicians;
  • Electronic check-in for SAMS users;
  • Cargo management system, in Portugal and Spain, for Saint-Gobain Glass;
  • Accident prevention system in the factories run by Saint Gobain Glass, across the Iberian Peninsula;
  • CRM solution for Quimitécnica;
  • ERP for Junaman Exportações de Portugal (invoicing, inspection of orders and new products);
  • Staples E-commerce website (globalised);
  • Online aquaculture auctioning system for DocaPesca;
  • Sport-Zone loyalty card management portal;
  • Development of a health care management system for PT-ACS;
  • HIS and ERP stock integration for Galilei Saúde;
  • HIS and AS400 clinical data integration for SAMS;
  • CondoClub – social network for condominiums;
  • Notaries Association website –;
  • Website for the Directorate-General for Higher Education –;
  • SharePoint projects:
        SIBS – Human Resources Portal – holiday schedule, expenses management, travel, etc.
        Crédito Agrícola – Document Management Portal
        Web Portal for ACT (Portuguese Authority for Labour Conditions)
        Casa Digital Web Portal for Portugal Telecom – institutional website of the “Casa Digital” services
  • Outsourcing of consultants to PT-SI, Safira and Everis.