NanaNana is used to create websites for schools, with a restricted area for parents.

The website allows the school to disclose institutional information via the Internet, whilst the restricted area provides the school’s administration, parents and teachers with a secure platform to communicate.


  • Creation and update of Web pages;
  • Sending of newsletters;
  • Sharing of class activities;
  • Sending of notices by school, class or student;
  • Student assessments;
  • Authorisation and consent forms by class or student;
  • Sending of payment notices.

What we provide:

  • Website creation, registration on Google and weekly activity reports;
  • Set up of a restricted area;
  • Training on using the website and restricted area;
  • Follow-up during the first few weeks of use;
  • Technical and operational support for the duration of the contract;
  • Daily back-ups of all your information;
  • Implementation of continuous improvements in accordance with the best suggestions made by schools.


“It was a plus for us, as we were finally able to create the website we’ve wanted for so long.”
Externato Florinda Leal

“We highly recommend Simple Solutions and their fantastic services. Thank you!”
Escolinha do Largo

“Our opinions are taken into account in the development of the program and in the updates made to it.”
Os Aprendizes