An internal digital broadcast system that allows you to display content in public spaces, waiting rooms or sale points, on television screens or the like, that are placed in various areas, so you can bolster interaction and communication with your customers.


  • Greater capacity to share information with customers;

  • Dynamic, more attractive and effective content;

  • Reduced cost in changing content;

  • Greater business potential, as it allows you to disseminate messages aimed at audiences in different locations and at a particular time.




  • Streams public TV channels, corporate videos or advertising/informational images, footnote messages;

  • Provides a Back Office to manage and schedule the display of content;

  • Back Office with remote and individual control of all TVs;

  • The Back Office allows you to analyse and quickly reschedule the programmes.


Based on a SaaS pricing model, the service can be paid in monthly instalments and enables implementation at reduced costs, offering a pay-as-you-grow solution adjusted to your needs.